The Psychology of Color and Selling Art Online

As an artist the use of color is likely to be a strong element in your art. You cannot overlook the fact that color on your web site is just as important. Your art sales may depend on it. We only have a short amount of time, before a decision on whether or not we are professionals will be made.

The first instant we have at presenting our art for potential art buyers is our web page. First impressions are very important. We must make the best of them because we are only allowed one.

Remember this is your store front, and you must treat it respectfully. While good art, customer service, and a high subscriber list, are important to selling art online. Good web page design is just as important. It is just as important as the color choices used in each of your finished art works. It is a good part of the reason why art buyers will bother to look at your art work at all. Regardless of how incredible your art may be, you need to welcome buyers and make them feel at home, while they are there. Or, they will leave.

You can control the mood of your visitors by using certain color choices? This is a simple concept that is very often ignored. Why? As an artist you understand that color in your art can affect the mood of the viewer. It only makes sense that it also controls the mood of the site visitor.

Human emotions are very often triggered by color. You need to know which colors trigger which emotions. You need to choose the right color combinations for your site that represent you.

If you have overlooked the importance of color on your site then let’s rehash the importance of color and mood.

Everything we, buy, eat; wear, and all of the things that take up space where we live, work or play, all have colors. These colors provide a psychological and emotional response in everyone. These responses reflect who we are and the things that we think and feel.

Color is the first thing we notice and the last thing we forget. If used properly it can be a powerful tool. It is the doorway to our deepest thoughts, feelings, and desires. This is an issue worth discussing.

Which colors should you use for your site?

Well many agree it is always best to keep your main content on a white background. This is easier on the eyes and will provide a sense of professionalism. The color white triggers emotions such as: purity, peace, and perfection.

While white is an important color, you will probably want to complement your site with other colors as well. After all, there is creativity in each and every one of us. There is a huge color spectrum for us to choose from. Which colors are best?

Here is a list of physiological responses triggered by color to help you.

Red colors can stimulate warmth, hunger, and excitement. Cooler colors such as green and blues enhance calm and content feelings. Dark colors make objects seem heavier, while light colors make them seem lighter.

Yellow may reflect a lack of worry, while black a troubled state. Of course not all colors mean the same things to all people. Yellow may sometimes mean cheap, orange a light heartedness, green may mean money or greed, and black may mean elegance or sometimes death.

Color has become a science. You will need to take great thought in choosing color as it will identify you, because once a color is “owned” it is associated with you and your art career as a “brand”. I am sure you have noticed this with examples such as Coca Cola red, Tide orange, and John Deere Green. It is just as important to your identity as your logo or artist statement. If a shape provides a symbol, be aware that color does the same.

For example: In stores, colors identify flavors, brands, and products: Green in a cleaner says pine- in a mouthwash says mint, blue very often means strong mint – icy cool. Clear means additive free. Red found in strawberries, cherries, and apples is very appealing. You would never choose gray for laundry detergent because you don’t want gray clothes, you want brightly colored clothes. Blue, very unappetizing on a dinner plate, is much more successful as a dinner plate.

Because they strongly affect mood, grays and browns seem somber and often depressing. But they can take on a more cheerful attitude with complements of red. No matter how you use them they suggest weight, or something heavy. This would provide your visitors with a feeling of stableness and strength. Emotions like this will help your visitors to associate your site with solidity and confidence. Other colors such as burgundy, oyster, beige, and blues will also provide a feeling of solidity.

The list goes on and on.

You shouldn’t over look the issue of color for your site. You would never overlook the issue of color in your art. Believe me it matters! Color can make or break your success at selling art online.

You see, once we lived in a black and white world. TV was black, printed publications were predominantly black. All of that changed in the 60’s and has created a chain reaction that holds true today. Color is the most important attention getter. These are things you already know.

How do we choose which color to be identified with? What is the right color? Sometimes there is no right answer. Much like your art a site will begin to take on a life of its own and you just have to take your best shot. But the number one choice of web sites is still blue.

You understand the power of color. Apply the same color principles on your site as you do in your art and you will notice the difference in your potential art buying audience. You can use the colors on your site to help control the reaction of your visitors in the exact same way that you use color in your work to control the reaction of viewers. Don’t be afraid of it- use it!