Choosing Fireplace Accessories

If you have decided to have a fireplace in your home, you may already have formed an idea of the type that you want to have. Barring electric or gas-fuelled ones, any other kinds of fireplaces will need accessories that need to fulfill different functions such as holding the logs or coals, tending to the fire, protecting the rest of the room from embers and cleaning out the debris once the fire is out. This is true for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces. The kind of accessories that you need to have also depends on the size of the fireplace. There are a wide variety of accessories available that can be functional and decorative at the same time. The right fireplace accessories can have a dramatic effect on your home decor.

Here are some of the accessories commonly required for fireplaces:

Grate: A grate is a metal rack used to lift the fire off the floor of the fireplace. This helps in allowing air circulation from under the coals or logs to be used for the fire, so that the smoke is blown towards the chimney. The grate design that you need will be based on the fuel that you use in the fireplace.

Poker: A poker is a long metal rod with a sharp end and a hook that is used to adjust the position of burning wood or coal. The size of the poker and the metal used will depend on the size of the fireplace.

Tongs: Tongs are used mostly for handling burning coal, although they can be used with burning wood too. These days, tongs come with silicone tips that allow you to handle them at higher temperatures.

Fireback: A fireback is a thick piece of iron customized to fit the back of your fireplace. It serves a dual purpose as it can be used to increase the efficiency of the fire and protect the fireplace against damage caused by logs splitting during burning. In addition, a fireback can be decorative and improve the appearance of the fireplace.

Screen: Fireplace screens are decorative panels meant for protecting the room against excessive heat from the fire and to cover the fireplace aperture when it is not in use.

Although it may seem like you need to get a lot of accessories, optimal functioning of a fireplace is possible only when you have the right ones, as they can ensure the safety and cleanliness of your home. Be sure to assess your needs correctly when you shop for accessories and keep your fireplace dimensions in mind. Accessorize your fireplace to get the most out of it.

Car Travel Accessories – Traveling Isn’t Just For Airplanes

Car travel accessories can make even the longest most grueling car trips more comfortable. All too often when some mentions traveling, we automatically assume that means air travel. But as air fares rise more and more, people are taking to their cars to make business or pleasure trips.

And, just like with air travel there are the little touches you can buy to make a long or short trip more pleasant and worry free. There is lots of cool stuff you can get for your buggy to make like easier and more comfortable.

Car travel accessories range from the most practical to the most fun. The first thing to make sure you have is all the right adapters and converters for all your electronics. Keeping in touch and entertained while you travel is important and doing it safely and conveniently just makes good sense. Cell phone chargers, holders and protection devices are key to making sure you get the most out of your cell phones, PDA’s, MP3’s and even GPS units.

Another good accessory for the kids is a DVD player either attached to your car or portable. This is one accessory that can certain save you a lot of trouble. Kids can enjoy hours of watching their favorite shows and movies while tooling along America’s highways.

And, of course car travel accessories that make your trip more comfortable are important too especially if you are the driver. Cool products like seat belt sheepskins, back massagers and steering wheel cushions can make a long or short drive much easier and can keep fatigue to a minimum.

Driver fatigue can be a killer on any trip. Refreshment is another important item. Coffee cup warmers and liquid coolers can be a very welcome commodity during your drive. Keeping refreshed and awake can make all the difference in the world.

Traveling by car can be fun and exciting and when you have the right car travel accessories the trip can really be memorable that’s for sure. There are so many different accessories for comfort, practicality and function.

Your car, truck or SUV can be a rolling living room or even bedroom for your passengers when you add an electric blanket and specially designed car pillows. Ste the kids up with a DVD and then pout them to bed while you drive in comfort and stay awake and aware. Car travel can be fun.